TopSky 2.0  Viper

(Project has been closed)


文本框: Sample weight:

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文本框: Wings are made of Blue Foam with bagged, 1K woven carbon leading edges and wing tips and roots, Kevlar(57g/m^2) behind weight 117~122grams. Flaperons are cut by cnc . The TopskyII uses a very strong boom, the stiffest boom weighs just 15-16 grams.. 0.5mm steel pushrods and Teflon etched push-rod housings are included. bagged balsa tail feathers .Weight is 12~13.5 grams.Pod was made with Kevlar/Carbon Hybrids weight 31~34 grams.

文本框: Airfoil:AG455ct-AG46CT- AG47CT(Designed by Mark Drela)
Wingarea:22.84 dm^2
AUW: 260-280 grams. 

文本框: Recommend RC equipment:
Servo: Futaba-3108,3110,3114, S3154, JR-SM22, DS285, Diamond - D47, D60, 
Hitec- HS45, HS55,HS5055
Battery: 4.8V300MAHNiMH
Receiver: Berg-4,7, Corna-420II,620II,820II, JR-620,  Hitec-05s,6s




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EP Model

Topsky Manta RayTopsky Glider 3M...... 


PackSpare partsPowerRadio......


detail of the fuselage:

tail has been updated to foamtail with aerofoil:

see the detail of the foamtail in installation  manual

TopSky 2.0 test flying


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